A Long Drive (Single Version)


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*This is a FREE single off of my FREE album. Donations towards my (Austin James Hicks) musical projects are accepted but not necessary-Enjoy!*


There's a line in this tune I always regret not explaining. It comes from one of my favorite philosophical stories, or at least one of the few I remember.

"I empty my cup then smash it to pieces,
Cause fuck the tea, the beauty is the flow"

There was once a person who wondered how to go about living his life (sound familiar?). They wandered and wandered their country trying to find answers. Eventually they got the word that there was a Master who lived way up high in the mountains who had all the answers to all their questions. So the person hiked up miles and miles of rough mountainous terrain for weeks to reach the Master's house. Finally, after an exhausting journey they reached the Master's house. The person knocked on the door, the Master greeted and let the person in. The person explained how they've been traveling for years trying to find THE answers to life and how to go about practicing those answers. The Master said "I will teach you the answers...after a cup of tea". The master brings out two cups and a tea pot. He/She pours him/herself a cup then proceeds to pour the person a cup. The Master pours the tea cup a quarter full...a half full...completely full...now it's over flowing and he/she continues to pour. The person exclaims "Master! The tea is overflowing! Why do you keep pouring??". The Master then says "Much like this cup, your mind is already full. How can I teach you anything if you're already filled up?".

A way I like to think of the conclusion the Master comes to is that they are saying that you must empty your mind of the answers you are looking for to give room for the ones that are actually there.

So, smash that cup and fuck the tea. I hope my mind always flows.

-Austin James Hicks


Verse 1
It's a long drive,
But I stop to make it longer,
I'm still lost,
But no longer do I wander,
Aimlessly I follow what I need,
Nothing now means everything,

I feel nothing,
Oh what a feeling,
You ask why do I care I say I don't know,
I empty my cup,
Then smash it pieces,
Cause fuck the tea,
The beauty is in the flow,

You've got my tongue tied behind my back,
It's tough to speak when you move like that,
There's nothing stopping me from dancin' back,
But nothing's everything now I know that,

Verse 2
I slip away,
A feeling I hope that stays,
And I gain,
A loss that costs my name,
Who knew you could put a life time in a moment,
If it's nothing that's stopping you then nothing is all you need,


Verse 3
I turn around,
But I'll never look back,
Even if I could well I wouldn't want that,
Cause familiarity is too good to me,
Can't go far without shakin my knees



released July 1, 2015
For anyone who would like to listen and everyone who I would've liked to hear:

Written/Performed by:
Austin James Hicks: Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
Ben Wallace-Ailsworth: Drums, Bass
Sam Kane: Electric Guitar

Recorded by:
Pamela Parker at Hyde Street Studios in San Francisco, CA
Mike Sopko at The Garage in San Leandro, CA

Mixed by:
Oz Fritz at Ancient Wave Studios in Nevada City, CA

Linnea Rivano-Barros


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